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If you’ve ever taught writing, any kind of writing, you no doubt have encountered the challenge of how to make the writing better without interfering with the author’s voice. Once you start messing with voice, you’re in deep water. Voice is the essence of writing, the author’s way of making his or her witness.

The same is true in music. Lately, I’ve tried my hand remixing or reconfiguring a number of songs that are way out my strike zone. Why did I take them on? I liked author’s “voice”. Honest music is hard to come by these days and when you hear it, you want to be in it. There are many young women out there with plenty to say and they have chosen to use to electronics to say their piece. The challenge, then, is to leave the honesty alone while adding a bit of your own. At the risk of sounding Zen, you approach the song with a certain degree of ego-free kindness – you are not the author; you are the collaborator who must do no harm in your attempt to help the song find another facet of its honesty. Jiggabits – Buried in the Ground (Noh’s Shovel)


About stirlingnoh

I am a Canadian author of existential novellas and poetry along with urban erotica.
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