Variety and Quality

I have a new piece of urban erotica, Champagne In The Knees, out today at Amazon and other places. I love writing ditties like that, flash fiction that forces you to jettison anything that doesn’t serve the project. No digressions, no real back story. Just a set-up and some real heat.
The other value I see in writing erotica is that I am mixing up my game. I try to achieve the same quality of writing as I move between genres. I want to have a full stable of goodies available for potential readers but I don’t want them to be disappointed if they take a flyer on something that is out of their comfort zone.

By next week, I’ll have my lost episode of Hawaii Five-O finished. It’s very challenging trying to do justice to the original through a simulation because the early episodes were well-written and well-executed on the screen. Hawaii is a real character in the stories, a place that enters and moves the consciousnesses of hero and villain alike.


About stirlingnoh

I am a Canadian author of existential novellas and poetry along with urban erotica.
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