Art and Sport

Robert Hughes died in 2012 and we’re the poorer for it. He was my favourite art critic and his writing style was uncompromisingly witty and barbed. Here he brings down the travesty of concept art and savages it properly. Yet he also takes care to note what he thinks constitutes real art and does so with insight and poignancy. Isn’t this also true for writers? Find the words that strike true notes in the reader.

And, per a previous post, there is the art of movement, of beating the clock while cheating the death you invite conquering the same peril as your opponents, in better time. Even watching Klammer fight to stay on his skis now, knowing his victory, gives me goosebumps. Amazing artistic performance shared by an entire nation and the world.


About stirlingnoh

I am a Canadian author of existential novellas and poetry along with urban erotica.
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